Tax disputes

Nowadays many companies need qualified legal assistance in the area of tax practice. If you want to deal with issues in a timely manner, quickly and efficiently, you need to find third-party counsels or law office which would be able to cope with this task with flying colors. If your company presents itself as a successful and prosperous market participant, you need a law firm that will meet all your requirements and keep up with you. After all, like draws to like!

Moscow Law Office Attorneys Group is a company which brings together at its command the most experienced and highly qualified counsels.

Each member of the office is a specialist in its field of law. There are employees who are professionals in dealing with the most difficult situations in the field of tax practice in our company.

We provide a wide range of tax services.

We ensure a comprehensive approach in dealing with a variety of tax issues arising in the day-to-day work of organizations and during strategic decisions making. Our competences include the following services in the field of tax law:

  • Representation of interests in tax authorities during off-site and field tax inspections
  • Representation of interests in courts of arbitration in case of disputes with tax authorities
  • Tax consulting. Consulting on tax issues
  • Tax audit. Determination of taxable capacity of a company
  • Development of optimal tax solutions for your business

Our performance indicators are 85-90% of successful cases in the area of tax practice!

Over years of our work, the experts of Attorneys Group have faced various cases. Rich experience of the company’s experts allows them to resolve even the most difficult challenges. And it is not just an exercise in semantics — statistics of cases of the company shows that 85-90% of cases with tax authorities are resolved in favor of our clients. Only a small part of law firms can boast of such indicator!

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