Road traffic accidents

Conducting of cases in relation to road traffic accidents (RTA) is a complex and specific practice, as in addition to knowledge of general legal nuances it requires understanding of mechanism and causes of RTA.

Skilled experts of Attorneys Group carry out urgent visit of a scene of a traffic accident and will be present at the scene of accident and during presentation by participants. In addition, they will conduct an independent investigation and collect sufficient evidence in order to work out the most effective defense tactics.

However, damage in an accident may be caused not only to drivers of vehicles and their property, but also to pedestrians and their health. A person involved in an accident and being in a state of shock, often makes wrong decisions while providing evidences, medical examination and other controversial issues, as well as signing documents improvidently. Timely applying to a counsel will provide proper behavior and protection of human rights at the stage of detention.

Actions of the counsel regarding RTA include:

  • consultations on issues of RTA;
  • representation of interests in insurance companies, State Traffic Safety Inspectorate (STSI) and courts;
  • appealing against inactivity or illegal actions of employees of STSI;
  • recovery of compensation;
  • appeal against unlawful deprivation of a driver's license.

Our counsels can help find solution of any problem related to road traffic accidents.


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