Release on parole

Release on parole is applied after a convicted person started to serve his/her prison sentence. Also it is a way to shorten this period.

Since the convicted himself cannot prepare necessary documents and submit a petition to the court for release on parole, it is better to contact a counsel.

In order to get a release on parole for a client, the counsel can prove that the client:

  • has mended his/her ways;
  • constitutes no danger to public;
  • has made up losses caused;
  • behaved well during imprisonment;
  • will not allow further violations of the law.

Or the he will prove that the term of imprisonment can be replaced by any other punishment not connected with imprisonment.

In order to obtain release on parole the counsels of Attorneys Group:

  • visit a place of serving imprisonment;
  • agree procedure for release on parole with administration;
  • confirm the fact of damage reimbursement;
  • collect documents;
  • deliver a personal file of the convicted to the Prison Commission;
  • send a petition to the court attaching all necessary documents.

Experienced experts of our office will advise on all issues of release on parole and help achieve a positive result in consideration of a case and other authorities, as well as early release of a client from imprisonment.

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