Real estate disputes

Real estate disputes are one of the most common legal issues. They usually occur at the conclusion of contracts for donation, privatization, exchange, purchase and sale, participation in shared construction, as well as inheritance and property division, drawn up not in good faith.

In order to avoid legal errors and adverse effects it is necessary to apply not to a realtor but to a counsel who is familiar with all nuances of this type of cases regarding the issues of transaction with residential and non-residential premises.

Skilled experts of Attorneys Group will:

  • conduct oral or written consultations and negotiations of parties in order to settle a conflict out of court;
  • organize expertise of documents related to the subject of dispute;
  • assist in the process of transaction conclusion;
  • prepare a statement of claim and other documents necessary for submission to the court.

The counsels of our office, specializing in real estate disputes, will protect interests of their client — defendant, plaintiff, representative of a third party — in court and help in solution of problems related to:

  • recognition of a contract not concluded or invalid;
  • protection of rights of an owner;
  • return of real estate which is in adverse possession;
  • release of real estate from attachment;
  • recovery of payment due to an owner or caused property damage and many other things.

The counsels of our office will choose an individual approach taking into account peculiarities of the case in order to settle real estate disputes through negotiations or represent interests of a client in court when it is impossible to settle a conflict peacefully.

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