Presentation of interests in court

The most preferred variant of any dispute settlement is pre-trial and out of court settlement. However, in case where a conflict cannot be settled amicably and all negotiations reach a dead-end, one should apply to a counsel and take the case to court for protection of his rights.

Divorce and division of property, inheritance cases and protection of property rights, disputes concerning children and labor disputes, administrative and criminal cases, as well as cases concerning bankruptcy and debt collection – and this is not the whole list of the most common cases which are subject to consideration.

Representation of interests in court is not only personal presence of the counsel of Attorneys Group at hearings but also provision of related services during all stages of judicial proceeding. Such as:

  • advising on evaluation of prospects of a case;
  • skilled preparation of claims, applications, petitions and other documents necessary for representation of interests in court;
  • participation in a judicial proceeding and during appeal of a court decision;
  • conduct of negotiations.

The counsels of our office consider all details of the case carefully to ensure representation of interests of a client in arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction, as well as carry out litigation of the case up to positive end of enforcement proceedings.

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