Labor disputes

Labor relations of an employee and employer often give rise to labor disputes. This is due to the fact that employees are not familiar with their rights or do not know labor legislation. An employee and employer can contact a counsel for urgent and competent settlement of labor disputes.

The counsels of Attorneys Group can help employees:

  • resolve disputes concerning unfair dismissal, refusal to hire;
  • recover arrears in salary and other due payments;
  • appeal against an order to impose a disciplinary penalty;
  • release from liability.

As well as to consult an employer on the following issues:

  • settlement of labor disputes;
  • preparation of documents on labor relations;
  • legitimate dismissal;
  • imposition of penalties;
  • financial liability.

For the most effective settlement of a labor dispute, a counsel will conduct a detailed analysis of circumstances of the dispute with expertise of necessary documents, perform overall assessment of prospects, produce the most advantageous tactics of conducting the case in legal terms and act as a representative during the hearing. Also, if necessary, a counsel will appeal against a court judgment in appeal and cassation instances.

The counsels of our office will find an individual approach to each situation in order to ensure labor dispute settlement in pretrial order, without conflicts and negative consequences for each party.

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