Inheritance disputes

Experience has proven that inheritance cases are not only the most difficult area of law, but also quite delicate as associated with human death.

An heir can assert his/her rights through courts on his/her own, but it is better to entrust representation of interests to an experienced counsel, as this category of cases requires specific professional expertise.

В ходе наследственных дел — будь то наследование по закону или по завещанию — мы поможем разрешить вопросы связанные с:

  • establishment of the fact of inheritance acceptance, as well as recovery period of its acceptance;
  • issues of notary and legal representation;
  • establishment through the court of the fact of relationship and other facts of legal significance;
  • invalidation of will and others.

However, the most popular services are execution of inheritance of a plot of land, house or apartment.

The experts of Attorneys Group will not only help to assess the case prospects professionally but use all their experience to achieve the desired result. They will be also able to settle disputes relating to debts of a testator, or resolve conflicts among heirs.

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