Family cases

Family cases form a special category as they affect the most intimate sphere of people's lives — family and children. An additional complication is that the closest relative or a person who used to be the closest relative becomes an opponent. This in turn requires not only extensive professional knowledge from a counsel, but also special personal tact and diplomacy so that excessive inclemency and sharpness would not make the situation worse.

Apply to the experts of law office Attorneys Group to resolve issues professionally:

  • drawing up of marriage contracts;
  • divorce and recovery of alimony;
  • division of property or expropriation;
  • establishment of paternity and deprivation of paternal rights;
  • determination of the child’s place of residence;
  • establishment of joint or separate residence regime and others.

The most relevant grounds of recourse are divorce and division of property connected with it. Family cases affecting rights of children play a special role, namely determination of the order of communication with a child and establishment of his/her place of residence after divorce, alimony payment.

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