Criminal case

Criminal cases are one of the most difficult types of cases which require attention to details, knowledge of nuances of the case, properly structured defense line and high professionalism.

Law office Attorneys Group will help avoid unlawful conviction of an innocent person. In addition, not only the suspected or accused party can ask for help, but victims, witnesses and civil plaintiffs as well.

A counsel is a chief expert performing defense of rights of the accused or suspected and representation of their interests, also he provides legal assistance in the framework of the criminal procedure legislation. Only a counsel may act as a defense counsel in criminal proceedings.

Skilled experts of our office will help collect necessary information with the aim to provide legal assistance to their client, conduct interrogation of witnesses, gather material evidence in order to protect rights of our client properly.

Besides, the counsel:

  • studies materials of a criminal case;
  • implements defense of interests in the course of interrogations and other stages of investigation such as confrontations and investigative experiments;
  • prepares and submits cassation appeals;
  • attends the convicted during his/her detention in custody;
  • prepares and submits cassation appeals;
  • represents interests of the injured in appeal, cassation instances of the court of general jurisdiction.
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